Most companies receive various service request by email - Zapier & Tasker integration will allow you to automate this process.

  1. First of all, you need to create an account on

  2. After successful registration, you have to link your account with another Zapier service - Email Parser. To do that you have to visit and click “Login” button.

  3. In the Login window click “Log in with your Zapier account”


  4. In the next window click “Authorize” to allow Zapier access your Email Parser account.

  5. After successful authorization, you will be redirected to Email Parser Mailboxes window.

  6. Click “Create Mailbox” and send email from your email account to the generated mailbox. e.g. After a few moments, the message will be received and the page will refresh automatically.


  7. If your service request emails always arrive in the same template, you can mark specific parts and assign titles for them.

  8. Let’s come back to Zapier and create the workflow that will convert received email to the Task Request.

  9. Please fill the form like it is in the example:

  10. Click “Use Zap”

  11. In the next window, you will need to configure your Zap to use your Email Parser account. Click on the input and choose “+ Add a New Account”

  12. Zapier will ask you for permission to access your Email Parser account. Click Authorize to allow that.


  13. In the next step you will need to choose Mailbox, you want to use:


  14. If everything goes well, you will see a success message that some email was found in the Mailbox. Please click “Continue”.

  15. Let’s configure Tasker now.


  16. Zapier will ask you to configure your Tasker account. Click “Sign in to TASKER”


  17. A new window will open and here you will need to add your Tasker domain and API access token.


  18. If everything goes well, you will see a success message and could continue configuration.


  19. Let’s configure what information will be sent to the from the email to the Tasker. You can choose from quite a lot of options: email subject, body, date and variables that you defined. Keep in mind that Task Request TITLE and DESCRIPTION fields are required.


  20. Your configuration could look something like this:


  21. Now click Continue and try to test your Zap.


  22. If everything goes well, you will see a success message:


  23. You can check newly created Task Request in the Tasker admin panel:


  24. The last step is to add email forward to your Email Parser mailbox (eg. You can find a lot of tutorials

  25. That all! All emails arrived in the mailbox will be parsed and sent as a Task Request into your Tasker! If anything will go wrong, please drop a line to our Live Chat in the left bottom corner of your Tasker.