Jira Tasker Add-on lets you connect your Jira Software and Jira Service Desk instance (not available for cloud yet) with Tasker for free. It lets you link Jira issue with Tasker Task Request, so you could have continuous monitoring of the process including your field service operations.

Please check Definitions page to fully understand what is Task Request, Task and Object in Tasker Field Service Management solution.


Connect your Jira instance with Tasker

  1. Login to your Tasker account from the browser and copy API key by clicking "Settings" > "API". More informations here.

  2. Login to your Jira instance with Administrator permissions, go to Manage Apps, find Tasker and enter required details:

    1. Tasker URL - your Tasker account URL

    2. Tasker API key - a key you just copied

    3. Projects - choose multiple Jira projects which will use ability to link Jira issues with Tasker and click Update


  1. Create issue in Jira. It have to be in one of the projects you chosen in the step above.


  2. Inside an issue you will find Tasker section with green “Create Task Request” button. Click it.


  3. Choose Tasker Object (it could be your locations or equipments) for which you are creating Tasker Task Request for your or 3rd party field service team.


  4. You will see 3 new sections inside Jira issue under the Tasker section:

    1. Object information from your Tasker account

    2. Task Request information

    3. Task information - it will be empty while Task is not created from Task Request. After it’s done, you will see live status of the Task and could track the progress of your issue execution in the field.


This is the early version of Tasker Jira Add-On, so all the comments and suggestions for improvements are more than welcome. Please leave a comment or contact us with any of the ways listed there - Help. Problem registration

Release notes

  • v0.0.4 - Beta release

  • v0.9.2 - MVP release

    • Improved UI & UX